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Different types of camisoles and their benefits in women's top wear


Irrespective of dressing up in a Western or traditional outfit, camisole tops are an unavoidable wardrobe staple for every Asian girl or woman. In fact, these camisoles are considered the go-to casual inner top wear for women for the reason that they help entirely cover the body’s torso region, primarily including the chest and waist parts. 

Particularly, though Indian women wear these camisoles underneath salwar suits, kurtis, party tops, crazy crop tops, tailored shirts, blazers, or lace tops, what matters more is the fit, the fabric, and the length of these camisoles.

In this short blog post, let’s uncover the various types of women’s camisoles based on the length and the fabric. 

Types of camisoles based on the length

1. Full-length camisoles:

As the name implies, these are full in length, extending up to the knees and covering the torso, waist, thigh, and knee regions of the body. Young girls and women who choose to wear extra-long frocks or A-line dresses prefer this type of full camisole.

2. Half camisoles:

These camisoles extend only up to the thigh region and have a slit in the waist part of the camisole. Women can make use of these loose-fit half camisole variants to pair with closed kurtis or any thigh-length western top wear.

3. Short camisoles:

These camisoles are the usual type of innerwear for school-going young girls, as they perfectly support their uniform dresses. Women prefer this type of short Camisole for any short tops, tees, etc.

Types of camisoles based on the fabric

1. Silk-blend:

Like every other camisole, women can wear camisoles made of satin and silk as their inner layers. However, in Western culture, these silky camisoles are considered style statements and a poshy outfit when worn with jeans. 

2. Lycra:

Lycra-made camisoles are soft, ventilating, and slightly elastic. So, women who want stretchable camisoles can prefer lycra blends. These camisoles are more comfortable in the winter than in the summer.

3. Cotton:

The benefits of wearing a camisole made of cotton include air circulation, skin safety, and comfort. The natural fibers of cotton ensure they keep you ventilated and sweat-free, especially in the summers. They are the softest camisoles when compared to other fabrics. 

4. Spandex:

These camisles are extremely elastic and are mostly made of synthetic fibers, unlike cotton. However, women who need a close fit and high stretchability can choose these spandex camisoles. 

The speciality of Happy Bunny’s cotton camisoles

At Happy Bunny, the ‘Trufit’ lifestyle clothing brand, the camisoles are meticulously styled with an ideal fit for every size. They are made of 100% in-house soft cotton material, giving them a smooth texture. Unlike other brands, Happy Bunny, the leading online clothing store in India offers a wide range of camisole women’s tops—full-length, half-length, knitted, and short camisoles. As all these camisoles are made of pure cotton, they are non-stretchable and perfectly fit the body. 

In addition, Happy Bunny’s casual camisole comes in 15+ colors (including both neutral and bright colors) and XXS to 3XL sizes. 


If women need to flaunt any of their outfits with confidence, they have to choose the right camisoles with good coverage, coziness, and breathability.