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Different Types of Pants for Women

by MAYILSWAMY KRISHNASAMY on June 20, 2024  in cotton pantwomen's pantswomens clothing

Pants are an essential wardrobe staple for both men and women. Particularly, women need pants for every other top wear they may have—t-shirts, kurtis, tank tops, co-ord tops, kurtas, kameez, etc. For example, lounge pants, cotton casual pants, or pajamas are indispensable if you’re a woman lounging at home. On the other hand, if you’re starting to work or going outdoors, salwar, patiala, or jean pants are a requisite, irrespective of the women’s tops you wear. 

That is why it's important to know the different styles of pants for women online to flaunt in unique ways. In this article, the pant types are discussed based on the fit so that women can easily relate and, accordingly, match them with the right set of tops. Whether browsing for inspiration or necessity, understanding these options can greatly enhance your choices in women's clothing online

Major Types of Pants for Women

1. Straight fit

Straight pants

These pants are cut straight without any tapering or narrowing done from the waistline to the knee or ankle-end of the pants. Cotton, lycra, and rayon are the three major fabrics chosen to tailor these kinds of straight pants.

Night pants

These are also straight-cut pants with elastic waistlines. Many prefer these women's night pants as sleepwear or loungewear. Pajama pants are almost similar to these night pants. Check out the latest prints and colors in cotton ankle pants here!

2. Trim fit

Crop pant

In this type of pants, the hem will be cut slightly above the ankle and below the knee. Western-style tops or short kurtis are a perfect pair with these Women’s crop pants

Cigarette Pants

One of the most popular office wear or semi-casual bottom wear for women is these cigarette pants. The reason why most women prefer these pants is that they are sleek in style, comfy to wear, fit for free leg movement, and available in varied colors. Hence, different tops can match these cigarette pants women.

Sleek pant

Are you looking for a pant that stands in between a loose and skinny fit? This should be your choice! Yes, sleek pants are not as tight as slim-fit pants and not as loose as loose-fit pants. They are tailored with slight tapering from knee to ankle and looseness in the waist and seat regions for the best comfort.  

Gathering pant 

This pant is well suited for kameez, anarkali, regular kurtis, and traditional flared tops. These are trimmed pants with tapering toward the ankle, along with gathers at the hem. If you’re looking to buy gathering pant online, click the link!  

3. Loose fit

Salwar pant

As the name implies, these are salwar kameez pants that almost every Indian woman has in her wardrobe. These women’s salwar pants have medium flares and work well with formal, informal, and festive tops. 

Patiala Pant

These pants have higher flares due to the higher number of pleats. Hailing from Patiala, a city in northern India, these pants are most liked by women wearing kurtis as their everyday wear. Did you know? Cotton patiala pants come in 25+ shades!  

Kurti Pant 

Kurti pants are nothing but a blend of two different pant styles, namely salwar pants and cigarette pants. For college-going women, kurtis are their uniform. Thus, ladies and girls mostly prefer these women's kurti pants.

Palazzo pant 

These are extremely loose-fit pants that resemble a bell pant. A few are flared and a few are not (almost straight). T-shirts and tank tops are best suited for these palazzo pants. Rayon, cotton, denim cotton, etc. are the major fabrics chosen to tailor these women’s palazzo pants. 

4. Skinny fit

Leggings pant

This is a close-fit pant made of a stretchable material that can comfortably fit around your thighs, legs, and ankle regions. There are different lengths, like mid-length, capri, or full-length. 

Athleisure pant

Similar to leggings, these are sportswear skinny-fit pants that fit tightly around your legs and do not disturb any sort of athletic or leisure activity.  


A word of caution to all the women out there! Of course, pant styles matter for styling. At the same time, ensure to check the type of fabric with which these pants are made. Cotton or natural fiber-based materials could be the best choices, as they are breathable, skin-friendly, and suitable for all types of weather.   

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