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Kids Fashion Trends: Summer Wardrobe Collections

by MAYILSWAMY KRISHNASAMY on April 22, 2024  in frocksJablaskids fashionSummerT-shirts

Summer is getting hotter every year that passes by. This year, there is no doubt that it is sweltering like never before. When adults themselves can feel this much heat, think of the kids. They need special attention in terms of hydration and clothing choice. And this is the time when parents think of comfort more than styles for kids' clothes. With no further delay, let’s explore kids’ summer wardrobe collections and their characteristics. 

Characteristics of Kids Perfect Summer Outfits 

1. Breathable fabric 

Lightweight and breathable fabrics could be the best choice of material for beating the heat in the summer. Cotton tops the list with maximum benefits—soft, skin-friendly, airy, and lightweight. Try sourcing organic cotton clothing instead of regular cotton fabrics, as they are harmful to the skin and the environment. The next set of summer-friendly fabrics includes linen and bamboo. Of course, animal-based fibers like wool are also breathable but not as cool as plant-based fibers. Buy 100% cotton kids clothes online now!     

2. Peppy prints and patterns

Prints on kid’s clothing play a crucial role in aesthetics as well as in setting up the mood for the wearer and the observer. Ensuring that kids' summer clothing has happening prints also makes us forget the hot weather and feel energetic and deviated.  

3. Sleeves clothing

Any clothing kids prefer to wear must be sleeveless or at least short-sleeved. Not to make it a fashionable summer, but a comfy summer. This enables good ventilation and prevents over-sweating under the hot sun. Also, wearing sleeveless dresses makes little girls look great and they will enjoy wearing these outfits. 

4. Light and vibrant shades

In general, dark shades (near black) tend to absorb/reflect sunlight, which adds more fuel to the fire. So, choose clothing with light shades (near white). Even light shades are cool, alluring, and vibrant. Some of the colors that top summer fashion are magenta, peach, sky blue, teal, mellow yellow, purple, plum, grey-green, sweat pea, raspberry, lemon yellow, etc.

5. Comfy clothing 

Lounge pants, cotton night pants, shorts, t-shirts, skirts, palazzos, etc are some of the comfy clothes for the warm season. They feature comfortability, freedom of movement, less weight, and air exchange. Perfect examples: Cotton loungewear or sleepwear.   

Best Summer Dresses for Kids and Newborns

Previously, we have seen the characteristic features of kids' summer dresses. Now, let’s see some of the best examples of them. 

Summer Casual Clothing for Girls


  •  Frocks 

Cotton or denim frocks with box pleats, Hakoba dresses online, umbrella frock dresses, etc., are summer-friendly casual or party wear for girls.


  •  Palazzo pants

When it comes to bottom wear, night pants and shorts are the best. However, most of them prefer wearing them indoors. So, the go-to outdoor casual bottom wear could be palazzo pants for girls.

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Summer Casual Clothing for Boys


  •  T-shirts 

Tees are timeless top wear for boys. Could they replace this with anything else? Probably, no. May be a sleeveless tee, popularly called the tank top. 


  •  Cuffed pants

Cuffed pants are the right choice for boys when they need to dress up in casual styles. Short sets are also comfortable and casual, yet they are mostly worn indoors.   

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Undeniable Summer Wear for Newborns


  •  Jabla

Indeed, baby-friendly, humid-friendly, 100% cotton jablas is irreplaceable newborn clothing.