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What are the Different Types of Boxer Shorts?

by MAYILSWAMY KRISHNASAMY on May 08, 2024  in boxer shortsmenmens clothing

Discussing shorts for men is no longer taboo. In the 21st century, we can see both men and women having healthy debates and discussions around physical and mental health. In turn, clothing manufacturers make the best use of these valuable data and insights to understand what’s essentially needed and develop new clothing styles and products. Thus, we have an array of men’s shorts on the market now! In this blog post, let’s learn more about boxer shorts and how they differ from other types of men’s boxer shorts.

What are boxer shorts?

Traditionally, these were the shorts that boxers wore—the ones with a loose fit. However, today, almost all men have begun liking these boxers. They feel their posteriors are comfortable and airy when wearing these shorts. Usually, it is made of pure cotton for smoothness and breathability. The length of these shorts extends up to the top of the thighs.

As these shorts are in a loose fit, they work well with regular or loose pants or trousers. Alternatively, if you’re wearing a slim-fit trouser, these shorts are unfit and may look unpleasant. 

Understanding the basics of brief vs boxer

Firstly, there is a huge difference between briefs and boxer briefs. Briefs are more like pouch shorts that helps keep the private parts intact. On the other hand, boxer briefs look similar to shorts but have a different cut and make from those of boxer shorts. 

Technically, they are the opposite of boxers, as they are more stretchable, structurally defined, quite tight, and high-waisted. So, these briefs are well suited for taller men or men with larger posteriors. 

As stretchability is a characteristic feature of these stretch boxer briefs, the cotton fabric is blended with other materials like elastane or modal. 

Which is the best shorts for men?

When considering air circulation and freedom of movement, obviously boxer shorts are the best. The only disadvantage is that they don’t pair with slim-fit or tight pants. Boxer shorts made of 100% cotton are widely preferred in this case. 

Otherwise, when considering aesthetic preferences, styling, and additional support for the moving parts, boxer briefs are well-suited. 

How about boxer briefs vs trunks?

Now that we have already covered the different aspects of boxer briefs, let’s delve into trunks, the next major type of shorts. Trunks are a combination of boxer briefs and briefs. They have a pouch for support, shorter legs to show off the thighs, lower waistbands to flaunt the six packs, if any, and complete coverage on the backside.

Have you heard of thongs?

Thongs are totally different from traditional boxer or the types of boxers we have seen until now. These are a small piece of men’s shorts with a thin strip (instead of a waistband) and the usual pouch-like piece of clothing (for the necessary support). As it sits low on your hips, the thin strips are eye-catching. Overall, it gives an extremely stylish look. 

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