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Why is organic cotton better than normal cotton?

by MAYILSWAMY KRISHNASAMY on April 10, 2024  in normal cottonorganic cottonSummerTextile

Normal cotton is grown by sowing genetically modified or chemically treated seeds. On the other hand, organic cotton is grown by sowing non-GMO seeds without the use of harmful or synthetic fertilizers. Though non-organic cotton may meet the demand in the textile industry, it is not ethically and sustainably favorable. Curated in this blog are some of the important reasons why organic cotton is better than conventional cotton.

The top 7 reasons or advantages of growing & using organic cotton

1. Consumes less water and energy

Organic cotton consumes less water and energy during its growth and processing in the textile manufacturing unit. According to, to make a t-shirt, organic cotton consumes only around one hundred and eighty gallons of water, whereas ordinary cotton uses a whopping two thousand gallons of water. This makes a huge difference in the water footprint, which is a crucial factor to consider when buying regular cotton fabrics.

2. No synthetic fertilizers or pesticides required

Normal cotton farming with GMO seeds requires a huge supply of chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides. These chemicals stay in the cotton and get retained in the clothing, which harms the skin and the air. Alternatively, chemical-free cotton consumes less energy, as stated above, and does not require additional nutrients or fertilizers. This is one of the major advantages of organic cotton, which helps save soil quality.

3. Promotes soil fertility and prevents erosion

The application of chemical pesticides not only spoils the quality of cotton but also the soil. Soil fertility is fundamental for sustaining the future of agriculture and plant growth. Farming regular cotton erodes the soil to such an extent that it affects the cotton traits and the future crops to be grown in the soil.

4. Natural, breathable, and friendly to the skin

Organic cotton clothing is made of natural cotton fibers; hence, it is friendly to the skin and allows for air circulation, making it a healthier choice. Wearing other cotton clothing contains harmful chemicals like glyphosate or fluometuron, which makes it unhealthy for the skin. Especially for babies and kids, it is always better to choose the former one than the latter one.

5. Healthy for the farmers and pays the right price

Restraining the use of synthetic or chemical substances for growing cotton is a life-saving moment for the farmers. They can breathe chemical-free air. Moreover, certified organic cotton clothes can pay good prices for the farmers and their efforts.

6. Better in quality and durability than ordinary cotton

Untreated cotton meets higher quality standards than ordinary cotton with its natural and pill-free fibers. In addition, they are soft and long. In the long run, this clothing can have an increased shelf life. The difference in quality can be felt effortlessly by comparing the cotton clothing from a leading online clothing store in India with that from an ordinary cotton supplier.

7. Easily biodegradable and saves the environment

Natural cotton takes only a maximum of five months to decompose. When the purity of cotton is higher, the duration gets lower to as low as a week. This makes it environment-friendly and helps protect nature for global welfare.

India—the leading producer of organic cotton in the world!

As per the Textile Exchange Report in 2022, India retains its No. 1 position as a global producer of organic cotton, which accounts for more than 0.34 million metric tonnes. In addition, India stands among the top five countries, featuring more OCS-certified and GOTS-certified suppliers. With government support, there are several in-conversion organic cotton farms.