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Cradle Cloth (Thottil)
Cradle Cloth (Thottil)
Cradle Cloth (Thottil)
Cradle Cloth (Thottil)

Cradle Cloth (Thottil)

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Soft Cotton, Wide Space, Durable, Humid Friendly

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Product Details

Product Highlights

Occasion Baby Swing & Sleep
Material 100% Cotton
Style Soft
Closure Joint Stiched
Stretchable No
Customisation No
Wash Care Machine/Hand
Colour Bleed No

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Product Description

In India, parents ensure their newborns sleep in a traditional ceiling-mounted cloth cradle for a long, peaceful slumber. In South India, the name is ‘Thottil,’ whereas in North India, the name is ‘Jhula.’ Alternatively, in the Western World, people call it ‘Hammock.’ 

cloth cradle provides the babies with a safe, comfortable, and womb-like feel as the sways are slow and gentle. As a result, they can enjoy sound sleep. These cradles come in a few sizes; however, the standard size can hold babies up to 3 years of age. 

Happy Bunny, the in-house cotton clothing brand, offers 100% pure cotton cloth for cradles with soft weaves and neat stitches. This cotton cradle cloth is extremely lightweight, feather-soft, breathable, and sweat-absorbent. Thus, this super-soft cotton ensures the baby’s skin is safe and rash-free.

These clothes are used for newborns and toddlers, so their washing needs special care. It is always better to wash this separately with a mild detergent. Both machine and hand washes are applicable. However, make sure it is sun-dried before the next use.  

The special aspect of Happy Bunny’s thottil for newborn is the wide space. This allows the baby to fit comfortably in the cradle without choking or stifling. Also, the seams or stitches in the cloth are meticulously made soft so they never hurt the baby.  

Besides, the cloth is 3.3 meters long and swings with sturdiness. The cotton clothes loose weaves and the cradle’s wide space make the newborn feel cool and cozy, even though they sleep for a long time. Thus, it is recognized as the best cradle cloth for newborn.

Still, thinking of the old sarees for the newborn cradle? Please forget this option, as the harmful dyes or prints on the sarees can harm the baby’s skin. Also, the old sarees have a higher chance of getting torn all of a sudden. So, give the newborn at home a new, comfortable cotton cradle cloth in white without any dyes or prints! Buy cradle cloth online from 'uniquely you' Happy Bunny, your destination for infant apparel!


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